5 Tips for Creating a Contemporary House Design

When designing your own home, it’s important to consider which architectural style will work best with the surrounding area and your preferences. A modern-looking home might look out of place in a historic neighborhood filled with other turn-of-the-century architecture. A ranch house would be out of place in an ultra-modern neighborhood that has only been developed over the last decade. However, if you have a piece of land all to yourself that you’re building on, nothing stops you from making your dream contemporary house design come to life.

1) Use Simple Shapes

Truoba, the renowned contemporary design company, provides five tips for creating a contemporary house design. Truoba suggests using simple shapes in your interior design to simplify and make your space feel more open. They also recommend using natural light to bring warmth and brightness into your home.

In addition, they recommend adding art to your walls to break up the monotony of blank walls. Another tip is to create focal points that will help guide the eye through each room while providing them with an anchor point to focus on. Finally, they suggest keeping things clean and uncluttered to maintain a sense of airiness and spaciousness throughout your home.

2) Use Neutral Colors

Truoba House Design is a small international business specializing in contemporary home design. We provide innovative, functional, and well-designed homes worldwide with bespoke service from our residential architects, interior designers, and construction specialists. Whether you’re looking to build new or just renovate your current home, we will work closely with you to create an interior perfect for your lifestyle.

Start by thinking about the colors in your life and figure out if any of those colors match up with anything in your area: climate, environment, geographical setting, etc. Truoba House Design wants to help you make a better choice when selecting house designs.

3) Use Natural Materials

Rather than using the normal hardwood, plywood, and stone material typically used in contemporary house designs, you can use natural materials to create an aesthetically pleasing design. Stone is often used in contemporary home designs because of its durability and its ability to endure harsh weather conditions. Wood is another popular material used in contemporary houses because it is more affordable than many other options. However, this type of wood will have to be stained or sealed so that it can withstand the elements. Another natural material often used in traditional house designs is metal roofing materials like copper or steel, which are both durable and cost-effective. These two types of metal will allow you to reduce your carbon footprint and help maintain energy efficiency as well. While still on the topic of design, here are five tips for creating a house design that reflects your personality.

4) Use Minimal Decor

The key to a successful contemporary design is to keep things minimal. This means not cluttering your space with too many pieces of furniture or decorative objects. One way you can do this is by using the Truoba aesthetic, which emphasizes simplicity and natural elements. A Truoba interior will typically contain only one type of wood, whether it be bamboo, teak, or cedar. Other materials like leather and glass may also be included but should still be kept to a minimum.

5) Use Technology

Connectivity is quickly becoming the central factor of contemporary home design. House owners need to be ready for constant connection and availability, with or without Wi-Fi, by incorporating these items into their house design:

1) Power Outage – Include LED lights in all room switches and outlets, as well as a standalone battery backup device that can be used if the power goes out (get one with at least 10 hours of battery life)

2)Music – Utilize streaming service subscriptions like Spotify or Pandora to broadcast music throughout the house through connected speakers (or set up your own on an app like Sonos) so you never have to look for your phone again


Truoba offers contemporary house design to help you create your dream home. To start your project, contact us today! We will be happy to answer any questions and show you some of our house designs.

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