How to Look Chic in the Most Comfortable Way Possible

Do you dress to impress? When it comes to style, many people dress for the sake of looks, neglecting comfort. In common situations, choosing between chic and comfortable is inevitable. However, if you know how to properly combine the two, you can look stunning while remaining comfortable. How is that achieved?

To create a personalized wardrobe that will suit your unique style and hug your body, you should check out these 6 tips. Even though creating such a look won’t be effortless, you’ll never have to stay in uncomfortably tight clothing! 

  1. Know how to pick the right clothing style

Picking the right clothing style can make a huge difference between chic and tacky outfits. Knowing which clothing pieces to swap for a comfier alternative will make a huge difference in your comfort and wardrobe. But how can one know how to pick the right clothing style and when to use each?

Even though this comes naturally to some, adequate clothing style can be learned. Pay attention to the materials. Those that feel stiff or tight are a hard pass for this style. Therefore, instead of bulky dress pants, consider pull-on pleated pants. Tight shirts and dresses can be swapped for A-line dresses or tunics. 

  1. Choose an adequate color palette 

When it comes to forming your style, choosing an adequate color palette plays a major role. While chic and comfy styles can be formed using various combinations, you need to pay special attention to your complexion and the formality of the event you’re dressing up for. How do you know which clothing colors to pick?

White, black, grey, and beige are timeless colors that can easily be combined together. However, for a fashionable touch, you’d need to add some color as well. Consider pastel or paler colors if your skin is fair and some bolder and brighter hues for darker skin tones. 

  1. Balance out the outfit

Combining two different styles requires the perfect balance. Even though both variants use colors and patterns, finding a mix that won’t look overwhelming or unfashionable is the key. So, how can you balance out the outfits when you’re trying to achieve the perfect comfy chic style?

For instance, if you want to wear your loose jeans, balance them with a timeless dress jacket or more formal shoes. By adding classy accessories to your casual clothes, you’ll balance them out and feel comfortable and confident. Don’t forget to balance out the shapes of your clothes and highlight your figure in the best way possible. 

  1. Consider brands that offer customization

Finding clothes that can be used in both chic and comfy styles is a challenge. While some options exist, there is not much room for experimenting and originality. Therefore, finding brands that offer customization and originally crafted pieces is a true blessing. 

Did you know that businesses that implement customization as a possibility generate more profit? On top of that, wearing custom clothing can make you feel unique. By creating your original pieces, you can control the pattern, color, and the way clothing fits. On top of that, you will get a high-quality outfit that reduces the effects of fast fashion and promotes sustainability and originality. 

  1. Multiple layers for multiple comforts

The simplest way of looking chic yet remaining comfortable is by layering. Complete your winter look with a long coat or a bulky scarf that will make your entire outfit pop up. While this option is not always the best for warmer months, finding fashionable clothes is usually harder during the winter. This will solve all of your issues!

Wearing a coat or a duster will make your outfits complete for every occasion. On top of that, who can resist gorgeous turtlenecks or a baggy woolen jumper? Whether you opt for sneakers or boots, these killer combos form the perfect fall outfit even fashion bloggers recommend! 

  1. Continuously seek new trends

Even though forming this style takes time and practice, you should never neglect new trends in the fashion industry. The main purpose is not for the sake of following them, but to find inspiration in new outfits on the market! So, where can you source inspiration for your future outfits and wardrobe renewal?

Check out the outfits in the street. You may find some of the most impressive chic yet comfy combinations around you. On top of that, educate yourself by watching fashion videos on online platforms. The use of videos in eLearning for fashion is essential since this industry works with visual stimuli. 

Final thoughts

Say goodbye to tight and uncomfortable outfits that make you insecure and say hello to your new chic and comfy style with these 6 tips. They will help you learn how to combine different clothing items into an eclectic yet stylish look! You’ll no longer have to choose between comfort and style.

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