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How to play upside down chess is a method of conquering a game adapted from the Chinese chess game. However, upside down chess has a completely different playing method than Chinese chess. Many players often confuse the above two types of chess as identical and have miserably lost many games. In today’s article,Trang Chủ Jun88 will clearly share the correct way to play so gamers can easily win.

Detailed rules of how to play upside down chess

Rules for playing upside down chess that gamers need to know

To win this sport, bettors first need to master the rules of the game. The reason is that if you don’t do that, it will be difficult for your matches to find effective and interesting strategies. The following game rules will be of great help to bettors.

RuleArrange the chess board to play upside down chess

When playing upside down chess, participants use the chessboard to play. At the same time, gamers use perpendicular and diagonal lines to build squares in the table. In total, there will be about 90 points intersected by perpendicular and horizontal lines on the table.

On the upside down chess board, the following elements need to exist:

  • River: This is the distance that divides the table into two different sides to reserve between the two opposing armies.
  • General Palace: Made up of 4 squares divided into vertical lines in the order of 4, 5 and 6 respectively.

In each game, there must be 32 face-up cards, evenly distributed on both sides with 16 cards on each side. On the table there will be a total of 7 types of pieces that will be placed face down from the beginning and will then be placed face down in an extremely random manner.

Method Move pieces in a face down game

The correct way to play upside down chess needs to comply with the following rules:

  • General: The only piece that is allowed to turn over on the table. When moving, it must move one square at a time, and can move horizontally or vertically. It should be noted that you can only move within the arc and the two generals on the table cannot see each other.
  • Knight: This piece will be moved across each square and will not be allowed to cross the river to join the battle.
  • Bishop: This piece will be moved diagonally in two horizontal squares or parallel, and is allowed to cross the river to attack. If a piece appears blocking the Bishop’s direction, this piece is forced transfer. There are two common types of statues: ambush statues and sabotage statues.
  • Rook: In playing upside down chess, the Rook can freely move horizontally or even vertically anywhere on the table, this is the piece with the strongest attack power.
  • Cannon: Moves similarly to the Rook. However, when the Cannon wants to win against the opponent’s pieces, it needs to win within the Cannon’s path.
  • Knight: This piece’s move is parallel to each square and diagonal to another square. If the horizontal path is blocked, the Knight cannot pass.
  • Pawn: OkaytransferEach move is one square, but you are not allowed to move backwards. Goods have the effect of destroying bad pieces, rescuing blocked pieces on the board or some banned pieces.

SEe : Xổ Số Jun88.

Some ending cases of playing chess upside down

The ending phase of the flag facing down

In every match there will usually be an end, but when will the game be considered over? Please refer to the following cases to see when the facedown game will end.

  • Situation 1: If one side shows the flag and the other side does not stop the enemy, the other side will win. This is also known as the checkmate position.
  • Situation 2: If a side has not chosen the right move, they will be defeated if the game ends.
  • Situation 3: The gamer side accepts defeat and wins.
  • Situation 4: The participant wants the game to end in a draw.

Experience Add more power to playing upside down chess from experts

Experience playing chess with experts

Here are some tips to help increase the power of playing upside down chess:

  • During the game, the bettor should prioritize the cards located in the position of the Cannon piece followed by the positions gradually moving down and should not use forbidden pieces.
  • If the Cap army is blocked, you should find a way to save them even if you have to sacrifice your small troops such as Generals, Soldiers or Cannon troops…
  • Players should only use two Rook pieces in emergencies or at the end of the game. Likewise, the two Artillery pieces should only be used when a suitable opportunity arises.
  • Gamers should observe the chess position, if they are lucky enough to open strong pieces like Rook and Knight but the opponent does not have a Rook, then use them to fight.

The above is How to play upside down chess has been compiled and studied very thoroughly. The information in the article by Jun88 Hopefully it will give you a more general overview of upside down chess as well as the standard way to play. To learn more useful things, don’t forget to search for information at the house Jun88 and have the opportunity to experience many other interesting features on the website.

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