Industry Research Offered By ACEM: The Latest Insights

Industry Research is one of the most important aspects of ACEM, as it helps us know more about the market. Read this blog article to learn more about industry research (in China)!


The ACEM now has a department dedicated to research and innovation. The function that the Research and Innovation Department plays in the future growth of academic activity (both academic and research work) within the Faculty is extremely important, as it links research with activities that take place in the real world. Students at ACEM are encouraged to cultivate a research interest and to make it a regular part of their lives. This can range from conducting research on a small scale to conducting research on a medium level to researching larger projects that will be finished in the future.

What ACEM can offer you?

Antai College offers a variety of research opportunities in different industries. In addition to specializing in specific industries, Antai also offers programs that allow students to develop their skills across a range of disciplines. Antai College offers a variety of industry-specific research programs that can help you get ahead in your career. Our programs cover a wide range of industries, including accounting, advertising,  finance, business administration, and marketing management. Our faculty members are experts in their fields and are available to offer guidance and support as you develop your career goals.


If you’re looking for insights on the latest trends in the industry, look no further than ACEM. Our faculty teams are all researching industry developments, collecting and analyzing data to provide our vast population with the latest information on what’s happening in their respective industries.

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