Instructions on how to play Tu Lo Kho in the simplest and most detailed way

Tu Lo Kho is certainly a form of entertainment that is extremely familiar to those who are passionate about card games. In many different regions, this card game is also known as Northern card game. With simple gameplay, any player can participate. Content follows New88 will share in detail how to play Tu Lo Kho for beginners in the simplest way.
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What is an overview of Tu Lo Kho?

Before learning how to play Tu Lo Kho? Then you must clearly understand the concept of this form of entertainment. It can be understood that Tu Lo Kho is commonly used in many different card games, most notably in Northern card games. Therefore, it has become familiar to people in the Northern region.

With a relatively easy and traditional gameplay, this is the attractive and interesting point of this game. Usually on holidays, tu lo kho is popularly played by everyone. Because its nature is to bring all players together to participate in entertainment, creating joy for everyone. 

To have a high chance of winning, when playing Tu Lo Kho you need to be equipped with skills that combine ingenuity. Because the victory of this game often depends on the player’s luck. 

How to play Tu Lo Kho in detail 

In fact, playing Tu Lo Kho is relatively simple, but to play most accurately, players must also clearly understand some of the rules of this game. 

The deck of cards is used in Tu Lo Kho 

In the standard deck of cards in Tu Lo Kho Pa, there are 52 Western cards, the minimum number of participating members is 2 people and the maximum is 4 people. Before starting the game, each member will be dealt 13 random cards. 

If any member runs out of cards first, it means they win. The game continues with the remaining members to find the second and third place players of that game. 

What function do the cards have?

In playing Tu Lo Kho, the card with the highest value in the deck is the 2 of hearts and the lowest value card is the 3 of spades. Besides, the remaining cards are also specified in order from smallest to largest according to suit. Cards with the same value but different suits will be compared based on the suit of that card. 

Rules for the suits in the card game from small to large are as follows: Spades – Clubs – Diamonds – Hearts. If any player has larger cards, the winning rate will be higher. However, for cards with small value, it is not necessarily impossible to win, but requires the player to have strategies and tricks to play the opponent’s cards. 

How to play Tu Lo Kho

How to play Tu Lo Kho is relatively simple, the player who owns the 3 of spades card will have the right to play first in the first hand. In the following games, the member who won the previous game will have the right to play first.
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The standard arrangement of cards and some functions in Tu Lo Kho are as follows:

  • Junk: It can be understood that these are odd cards that cannot be combined with other cards, so these cards are called junk cards that do not possess special features.
  • Pair: Cards of the same color and of the same value are called pairs.
  • Gray: Also known as a trio, when there are 3 cards of the same suit, the player can combine them to form gray.
  • Four of a Kind: The player has 4 similar cards, with the ability to block 2. It can be said that this is the deck of cards with the greatest value in tu lo kho.
  • Straight: Cards with consecutive values ​​of the same suit will be arranged to combine into a straight. 


In order to play Tu Lo Kho to win, the player must clearly understand the rules of the game. First is the blocking rule, starting with the first player will play first with any card. If you want to have a turn, you must block the card the previous player has played. 

Regarding the penalty rule, it can be understood that if any member intentionally helps and does not block another player’s cards so that, when discovered by any member, they will be penalized. This means that the player loses and must be fined according to the rules previously set. 

What should you keep in mind when playing Tu Lo Kho? 

When playing Tu Lo Kho to increase the player’s chances of winning, the following things should be noted:

  • If you own piece 2, you can intercept other pieces at the right time.
  • If you own four of a kind, wait to use it to block the 2nd piece with the highest value.
  • Avoid leaving any 2 at the end of the hand as it will be rotten and penalized. 


The above content is basic information about how Play Tu Lo Kho card game. Hopefully through this article you can better understand how to play as well as some of the rules in this interesting game.  

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