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The Power of Dental Ceramics blocks: De Corematrix’s Superior Zirconia Blocks


De Corematrix has established itself as a trusted name in the field of dental zirconia blocks, renowned for its outstanding zirconia blocks. The most cutting-edge metal-free restorations are becoming more and more in demand from dentists. De Corematrix has changed restorative dentistry by providing dental practitioners with dependable solutions for their patients’ oral health concerns.

Why Use Dental Zirconia Block:

The zirconia block is made of crystalline oxide zirconium dioxide, which contains a metallic atom in the crystal but is never considered a metal. Because of their endurance and biocompatibility, dental zirconia blocks are used by surgeons and medical experts in a range of prostheses.The dental zirconia block is extremely long-lasting, completely biocompatible, and translucent. These elements contribute to the prominence of the dental zirconia block in the industry. Despite the slightly higher costs, most dentists and patients prefer this.

A Perfect Combination of Strength and Transparency:

De Corematrix multi-layer blocks, constructed of multilayer zirconia, are created especially to achieve the ideal balance between transparency (46%) and strength (900 MPa). With a high degree of both properties, these cutting-edge multilayer zirconia blocks provide the perfect balance of strength and translucency. Crafted with precision and using advanced manufacturing techniques, these blocks provide long-lasting restorations that can withstand the rigors of daily use. Dental professionals can rely on De Corematrix’s zirconia blocks to deliver reliable and durable dental restorations.


When it comes to dental zirconia blocks, De Corematrix stands out as a leader in the dental ceramics industry. With their superior strength, natural appearance, and commitment to patient safety, De Corematrix’s zirconia blocks offer dental professionals the tools they need to deliver exceptional restorations. Choose De Corematrix for reliable and high-quality zirconia blocks that elevate your dental practice.

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