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Take Care Of Mother and Baby During Corona

At present, everyone is in a state of panic. That is the coronavirus. In this difficult situation, we should take care of mother and baby. Only awareness can prevent this virus. 

We have to take care of mother and baby. 

Sayeda Anwar, head professor of the children’s department at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, said the rate of coronavirus infection in children is low. Especially in the age group of 0-9 years, the infection does not go away. Although the effect on children is less, there is no chance to be careless with them. Bacteria other than coronavirus should not be forgotten. 

If germs enter the body of these children, others in the family can also be infected through them. So it is better to avoid risk. Although the risk of coronavirus infection is slightly lower in young children, children who are malnourished may have a higher risk. Let’s discuss what we need to do to take care of mother and baby.

Maternal and child care requirements

The care of mother and baby is immense in the current situation of the world. Because a child is fragile enough in any matter. So we should take special care of the children. Mother and child are connected. 

So the issue of the mother’s care with the baby comes to Auto. If the mother is healthy, the child will also be healthy. Therefore, a mother should be healthy enough to be aware of the health of the child. So that the baby can be safe and healthy. The health of the baby depends on the health awareness of the mother. When the children of the family get sick, we adults become very restless. Because the children are the life, joy, and happiness of a family. So the health of the child is our desire. 

A mother can make the biggest contribution in this regard. And for the well-being of the baby, the mother needs her well-being first of all. The mother is healthy, the child is healthy. In conclusion, the care of mother and baby is immense.

Caution for mother and baby

Experts have advised following the general rules for taking care of mother and child during this corona. In this corona situation, we should take special care of mother and baby.

.Mother and baby should avoid all kinds of heroes. It is better not to go out of the house without a reason. Any kind of event and the public meeting should be avoided.

.Public transport should be avoided. Public transport is a serious risk, especially for pregnant women. It is best to have your vehicle.

.You should wash your hands well when you come from outside. You should not touch anyone without washing your hands when you come from outside. Keep your shoes outside. It is best to take a bath immediately after returning home.

.Keep the most touched areas of the house sterile.

When the child is a little older, teach him cleanliness. Cover face while sneezing or coughing. Come from outside and wash your hands well.

Eating nutritious food. Especially eating foods with vitamin C. Because Vitamin C enhances immunity in the body.

.Keep babies clean at all times. Washing clothes every day.

.Do not caress children’s lips. Because most germs are spread through the mouth. We should not caress children’s mouths.

Breast milk boosts the baby’s immune system. So according to the rules, the baby should be breastfed.

If the mother has any complex disease i.e. diabetes, heart disease, asthma, etc., then she should be more careful. Visit to know more about Covid-19 awareness.

Caring for a newborn baby and its mother

In this corona situation, we should be aware enough to take care of mother and baby. When a new member of the family arrives, many become restless to see him later. This also happens in the case of pregnant mothers. To cuddle the baby. 

Almost all of us caress children’s mouths. But it’s not right at all. Because children are fragile enough. Very easily infected by the virus. We should take care of mother and child very carefully. Come from outside, wash your hands and face, and then touch the baby. Do not caress with the mouth. Stay away from children if they suffer from any illness.


In this corona situation of the world, only awareness can keep us healthy. And there is no comparison of awareness for the care of mother and child. 

Children are our future. So we should take special care of the children. When a mother is attached to a child, we need to take special care of mothers as well. By following and implementing the rules described above, we will be able to keep care of mother and baby safe in this coronary situation as well.

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