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Chassis Mount Resistors: A Must-Have On Your Car

A chassis mount resistor is an important part of any car’s electrical system. This type of resistor helps to reduce interference and noise in your car’s electrical system, and can help to keep your car running smoothly. Make sure to get a chassis mount resistor when you’re upgrading your car’s electrical system!


Chassis mount resistors are a necessity on any car. These small, inexpensive components protect your engine from high-voltage spikes, which can cause damage. Without them, you could be facing a costly repair bill if something goes wrong.

There are a variety of types of chassis mount resistors available on the market, so make sure to choose the right one for your car. Some common types of resistors include carbon fiber film resistors, metal film resistors, and polymer film resistors. The type of resistor you choose will depend on the application and your car’s specifications.

If you’re not sure what kind of resistor to buy, start by checking your car’s owner’s manual or online resource. Once you have selected a resistor, place it in the desired location on your car’s chassis.

Why You Should Use Them

One of the most common problems with cars is electrical shorting. This occurs when two circuits enter contact with each other, causing an uncontrolled flow of current. Shorting can cause a number of problems, including fire, severe damage to electronic equipment, and even a car crashing into something.

By using GFOOKIC chassis mount resistors, you can reduce the chances of experiencing any of these problems. These components help to protect your battery, ECU (electronic control unit), and other electrical systems by creating a resistance between the two circuits. This prevents any excess current from flowing through them and causing damage.

GFOOKIC chassis mount resistors are a cheap way to protect yourself and your car from potential issues. By using them regularly, you can reduce the chances of experiencing any serious accidents or problems down the road.

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