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Color: Your Trusted LCD Display Manufacturer for Quality and Innovation

As a professional LCD display supplier with a strong focus on research, development and manufacturing capacity, Shenzhen Color Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd. is dedicated to providing cutting-edge display solutions. Equipped with advanced automatic machines, they boast efficient production processes for both outdoor and indoor LCD displays. From design and material selection to rigorous testing at every phase, Color ensures optimal performance and superior quality. With their commitment to quality, innovative technology, and diverse product range, Color stands out as one of the leading China LCD display manufacturers. Find out why they are the preferred choice for businesses seeking top-notch display solutions.

Rich Manufacturing Experience and Quality Control

With 9 years of manufacturing and exporting experience, Color brings a wealth of expertise to the LCD display industry. They prioritize quality control throughout the entire manufacturing process. From meticulous raw material procurement to production management and comprehensive product testing, Color ensures that every display meets the highest quality standards. This emphasis on quality control sets them apart from other LCD display companies.

OEM/ODM Service and Personalized Customization

Color’s strong and experienced R&D team enables them to provide OEM/ODM services, catering to personalized customization needs. They understand that different businesses have unique requirements, and strive to effectively meet those needs. Whether it’s interactive displays, conference solutions, or indoor and outdoor advertising displays, Color offers a diverse range of products to fulfill specific display requirements. By partnering with Color, businesses can benefit from tailored solutions that align with their objectives.

Thoughtful and Professional Service with Small MOQ

Color places great importance on customer satisfaction and offers thoughtful and professional service throughout the entire process. From pre-sales to after-sales support, their sales and technical teams promptly address inquiries and resolve issues. Additionally, Color understands the importance of flexibility and supports sample orders with a small minimum order quantity (MOQ) starting from just one unit. This allows businesses to assess the quality and performance of their products firsthand.


Shenzhen Color Commercial Display Technology Co., Ltd. stands out among LCD display companies and China LCD display manufacturers due to their unwavering commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. With a proficient quality control team, extensive manufacturing experience, and international certifications such as CE, RoHS, FCC, CCC, and COC, Color sets the standard for superior LCD display manufacturing. Their personalized customization options, and thoughtful and professional service ensure that businesses receive tailored solutions that meet their unique requirements. Choose Color as your trusted LCD display manufacturer and unlock the potential of cutting-edge display technology for your business.

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