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Core Technology of Boosting Efficiency: ForwardX Robotics

Industry users and associations have unanimously appreciated ForwardX’s Apex autonomous forklifts for their high-tech content and outstanding practicality. Efficiency is a fundamental factor in the warehousing industry. ForwardX’s autonomous forklifts, led by the ForwardX Apex1400-L, have solved the pain points of the warehousing industry and are favored by customers worldwide.

Reframe the automation of warehousing

In recent years, with the gradual rise of labor costs, difficulty in eliminating safety hazards, and high follow-up equipment maintenance costs, it is difficult for traditional forklift trucks with manual operation to support the change in manufacturing and logistics industries.

Therefore, autonomous forklifts have become an important part of the current warehouse construction and subsequent operation process in some scenarios with more intensity and repetitive handling. With the extensive practice of ForwardX autonomous forklifts in the warehousing field, the advantages of automation in terms of efficiency and safety are being further revealed in various production environments, such as production lines and large-scale warehouses. This giant leap can be achieved with ForwardX’s leading automation solutions.

Autonomous positioning technology promotes standardized operations.

Based on accurate visual recognition technology, ForwardX’s Apex 1400-L can position itself to align pallets automatically and improve transportation efficiency autonomously.

Efficient allocation of production resources

ForwardX’s self-developed f(x) cluster scheduling system allows for the unified management of all AMR machines in the yard. The AMR system is interfaced with the elevator in the warehouse, thus enabling fully unmanned automated collaboration in the warehouse and thus improving overall operational efficiency.

The AMRs, which are ForwardX’s self-developed intelligent terminals, can improve industrial efficiency and accuracy. Visit ForwardX‘s official website to see more automation possibilities they have explored from their practice and how they drive the transformation to digitalization and automation in warehousing, manufacturing, and other fields.

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