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Experience Unmatched Durability with Techking’s MATE E3L3 Grader Tyres

When it comes to heavy-duty machinery like graders, having high-quality tyres is crucial for optimal performance. Techking, a renowned tyre manufacturer, introduces the MATE E3L3 grader tyres, designed to deliver exceptional durability and reliability in challenging terrains. Let’s explore the outstanding benefits and features of Techking’s MATE E3L3 grader tyres and how they can enhance your grading operations.

Special Tread Formula for Extended Lifespan

Techking’s MATE E3L3 grader tyres are equipped with a specially formulated tread compound that offers remarkable wearing resistance. This advanced tread formula is designed to withstand the abrasive forces encountered during grading operations, ensuring a longer lifespan for the tyres. With the MATE E3L3 grader tyres, you can trust that they will endure heavy usage while maintaining their performance, minimizing downtime, and reducing overall operating costs.

Reinforced Sidewalls for Added Protection

Techking understands the importance of tyre durability in demanding environments. That’s why the MATE E3L3 grader tyres feature reinforced sidewalls, providing added protection against cuts, punctures, and abrasions. The robust sidewall construction enhances the tyre’s resistance to impacts and external damage, ensuring reliable performance even in rugged terrains. With Techking’s MATE E3L3 grader tyres, you can confidently navigate through challenging grading tasks without worrying about tyre damage.


Techking’s MATE E3L3 grader tyres are the ideal choice for operators seeking exceptional durability and performance in their grading operations. With features like the special tread formula for extended lifespan and reinforced sidewalls for added protection, these tyres deliver unparalleled wearing resistance and reliability. Whether you’re working on construction sites or maintaining road surfaces, Techking’s MATE E3L3 grader tyres provide the traction and durability you need to excel in your tasks.

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