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Rebuilding our immune system

Getting healthy after COVID, Then read the blog and know more about everything.

So, like me, you have had a Covid-19 experience, and you might be thinking, now what? What happened to my body? Is there any long-term damage? Do I feel ten feet tall and bulletproof now that I have the ‘anti-bodies’? Yes and no. Yes, there is probably some toxin damage. Possibly some free radicals leftover from the medications – and no, I don’t feel bulletproof. However, working in the health and wellness industry, the first thing is to get strong and healthy again.

So where to from here?

Covid-19 information is fluid and changes almost daily. Different variants and strains could be with us for quite some time. Anti-body information changes and is dependant on several factors, and to be honest, I stopped buying into this a long time ago. Covid-19 prevention and treatment fill the media and conversations but very little after recovery. This article addresses what we did and what you can do to eliminate any pharmaceutical free radicals and toxins leftover in our bodies.

If you took paracetamol-based products to regulate your temperature, you’d need to address the stress put on your kidneys and liver. We also need to build up our immune response and cleanse our bodies.

An excellent product for overall recovery is I-MURON AHCC PF 500 mg capsules. AHCC is a mushroom extract that increases the number of dendritic cells—a type of cell to boost the Immune System response. It is proven effective in Inflammatory Bowel Disease, side effects, and free radicals from Chemotherapy and for Flu and some Cancer treatments.

I’m in my late 50’s. I contracted Covid with my family and went through the experience together. My wife is 40 years old, and we have two boys, 3 and 6, and an 83-year-old mother-in-law living in a small house on our property. Our household covered four age categories defined by the World Health Organization between 3 and 83 years of age. Two in higher-risk categories. All adults were fully vaccinated when we contracted the virus.

I take Liposomal Vitamin C and continue to take it before, during, and after Covid. The liposome is a delivery method that encases the vitamin and allows the body to absorb and use more. I’ve been using vitamin C all my life as an antioxidant, and liposomal allows up to 1500 milligrams of absorbent at a time, twice more than regular vitamin C. I recommend you research it.

What Is NAD?

Everyone is born with 100% NAD (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide) in their cells. NAD decreases as we age. The older you get, the less natural NAD in our cells, contributing to slower healing. NAD is responsible for assisting proteins to regulate cell function for recovery. It also helps the metabolism turn nutrients into valuable energy. NAD is taken in capsules or Intravenously. Joe Rogan and one of his podcast guests spoke very positively about feeling ‘better’ after NAD. It’s not a Covid-19 treatment rather more of an immune assistant in the case of recovery after contraction. I highly recommend NAD.

We prepared the family for what we believed was inevitable. That eventually, everyone would contract Covid-19. Maybe this was the ‘energy attracts principle’, but we all finally caught it and were as prepared as we could be. And you can find important tips about getting healthy after COVID. We had Myer’s cocktail intravenous treatments, vitamin D3 injections, NAD+ sessions, and generally, we ate well and exercised before contracting the virus. The late Dr. John Myers MD invented the Myer’s cocktail, which contains Vitamin C, B-Complex vitamins, Vitamin B12. Glutathione is a potent antioxidant. Magnesium helps to reduce fatigue, muscle spasms, severe headaches, and Zinc to help regulate the immune system. Finding a clinic or Doctor who can administer this treatment will immediately increase your energy levels and overall wellness.

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How To Fit This Pandemic?

As a lifelong athlete and fitness person working in the wellness industry, Getting healthy after Covid-19 was a humbling experience. It wasn’t what I expected. “Nothing could be worse than dengue”, I would often say. I contracted Dengue fever and was hospitalized in July 2020 for eight days. While my Covid-19 experience was nowhere near as horrendous as Dengue Fever, I believed I would ‘breeze through Covid’ should I ever contract it. I was surfing and Crossfit training six days a week, eating well and supplementing to stay fit and Covid ready.

Since having Covid and speaking with others, it is evident that everyone had a different experience. In comparison, there are some similar symptoms, but the overall experience was dependant on many factors. I lost my taste and smell. And I had a few headaches, the high temperature was on and off, and I felt like I had just finished a Marathon. I was, in not so technical terms, smashed. Fatigued and mildly depressed.

Cilantro is another one of my favorite plant supplements I regularly use. It is the coriander leaf and has high vitamin A, C, and K properties. Also, it is known to assist in binding and removing free radicals and metals such as lead, aluminum, and mercury from the body. It can also help antiviral, and antibiotic medication absorbs and performs more effectively. There is no wrong time to take Cilantro.

Here Are A List Of Some Great Supplements:

There are just too many great supplements to mention in one article. Here is a list of the ones we recommend for fast, effective recovery. Do some research and reach out to us if you need additional wellness information.

Vitamin D3 injections or capsules for immune booster

NAD or NAD+ – Tablets or Intravenous sessions

Myer’s Cocktail – High dose vitamin Intravenous treatment

I-Muron AHCC PF – Capsules

Liposomal Vitamin C – Capsules

Cilantro – Metal and free radical remover. Capsules

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Last Thought

In closing, there are many treatments you can give yourself to bounce back and feel good again after Covid. One of the fantastic things to do is a detox fast at a wellness resort like New Leaf Wellness Resort in Thailand. If you have the time to do a few weeks, you will feel amazing and recover quickly. Self-supplementation will speed up our recovery process if you don’t have the time or budget for a wellness retreat. This blog must be helpful for getting healthy after COVID information.


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