How to Set Up the Action Air Inflatable Water Slide for Kids

Summer is in full swing and what better way to beat the heat than with Action Air’s Inflatable Water Slide for Kids! This ultimate summer fun activity will have your kids screaming with joy as they slide down a giant water-filled slide. With its vibrant colors, durable material, and easy setup, this inflatable water slide is set to make your backyard the hottest spot in town. Get ready to create some unforgettable memories with your family as you experience endless hours of splashing, sliding, and laughter.

Features of the Action Air Inflatable Water Slide

Action Air’s inflatable water slide is the perfect summer activity for your kids! The slide features a wide variety of slides, making it perfect for all levels of riders. This amazing water slide is also lightweight and easy to set up, so you can get started right away!

How to Set Up the Action Air Inflatable Water Slide

If you’re looking for the ultimate summer fun, look no further than Action Air’s inflatable water slide! This innovative attraction is perfect for kids of all ages and is sure to keep them entertained for hours on end. Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Begin by measuring the area where you want your slide to be installed. Use a tape measure to make sure that the space is large enough to accommodate the slide.
  2. Next, find a flat surface in the area where you will be installing the slide and begin constructing the base of the slide. Compacted dirt or grass will work well as a foundation, but if you don’t have any handy, use a layer of plywood instead. Make sure that the base is level and attaches firmly to your ground surface using screws or nails.
  3. Once the base is complete, start inflating your water slide using your air compressor. If you’re not familiar with using an air compressor, don’t worry; most hardware stores carry these devices and can show you how to use them safely. Attach one end of your hose to the compressor and attach the other end to one of your slides (the longer end will be used for inflation). When inflation is complete, release the pressure on your hose by turning off the compressor and allowing it to cool down for several minutes before using it again.
  4. Install your slides onto their bases and enjoy your new inflatable water slide!

Remember to be safe while using your air compressor; always wear a safety mask and protective clothing when using this tool.


If you are interested in investing in inflatable water slide for your kids, feel free to contact Action Air! They will have you covered!

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