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ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E gives you smarter lighting control and better security

A reliable floodlight camera is crucial for outdoor security. In this article, we will explore the features of the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E, including its manual adjustable detection sensitivity and intelligent lighting control.

Manual Adjustable Detection Sensitivity

Customizable Sensitivity Levels

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E offers the flexibility of manual adjustable detection sensitivity. Users can customize the camera’s sensitivity levels between 1-10 stops, allowing them to fine-tune the motion detection capabilities. This feature ensures accurate monitoring by allowing users to set different detection levels based on the specific objects they want to detect.

Enhanced Monitoring

With the adjustable detection sensitivity of the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E, users can achieve comprehensive monitoring. Not only can they detect human presence, but they can also monitor the activities of small animals. This capability provides a complete view of their property and ensures that all relevant movements are captured and recorded effectively.

Intelligent Lighting Control

Built-in Intelligent Control Chip

The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E is equipped with a built-in intelligent control chip, offering advanced lighting control options. Users can set the floodlight to be always on or customize the lighting time according to their preferences. This feature provides convenience and flexibility in managing the lighting of their outdoor space.

Automated Lighting

The intelligent lighting control of the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E extends to automated functionality. The floodlight will automatically turn on at the specified time, enhancing security and providing a well-lit environment. This automated lighting system offers convenience and peace of mind, ensuring that the area is well-illuminated when needed.


The ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E combines adjustable detection sensitivity and intelligent lighting control to offer enhanced security for outdoor spaces. With its customizable sensitivity levels, users can achieve accurate monitoring of human presence and small animal activities. The built-in intelligent control chip allows for flexible lighting options, including automated lighting at specified times. Upgrade your outdoor security system with the ieGeek Floodlight Camera ZY-E and experience the benefits of advanced features and intelligent control.

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