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Illuminate Outdoors with Ledia Lighting’s IP67 Outdoor Lights

Ledia Lighting is delighted to showcase its IP67 outdoor lights, an impressive addition to the range of outdoor lighting solutions. Created with a focus on excellence and long-lasting performance, these waterproof led tube lights provide flexible and uninterrupted illumination while maintaining high-quality standards.

Uninterrupted Illumination with Silicone Neon Flex

Ledia Lighting’s IP67 Outdoor Lights feature the 16*16mm Neon Flex design, a part of Ledia Lighting’s silicone neon series renowned for their soft light body. With this advanced technology, the lighting effect remains continuous without any unsightly dark dots, ensuring a smooth and visually appealing display.

Wide Lighting Effect and Freedom of Customization

Designed with a unique structure, these outdoor lights offer a wide lighting effect, making them ideal for various applications. The flexibility and bendability of the silicone material allow for easy cutting and jointing, providing freedom in customization to meet specific lighting requirements.

UV and Flame Resistance for Durability

With UV and flame resistance, these outdoor lights are built to withstand various weather conditions. Whether it’s scorching sun or heavy rain, these lights will retain their performance and aesthetic appeal, making them suitable for long-term outdoor use.

Impressive Specifications

Working at a safe DC24V, these lights offer a rated power of 12W per meter and boast 120 LEDs per meter. With a color range including red, blue, green, and white, there is an option to suit every lighting preference. The controllable color temperatures range from 3000K to 6500K, ensuring the perfect ambiance for any outdoor setting.


Ledia Lighting’s IP67 Outdoor Lights combine cutting-edge technology, exceptional durability, and versatile design to bring forth an unmatched outdoor lighting solution. With their seamless, continuous illumination, freedom of customization, reliable quality, UV and flame resistance, flexible application possibilities, and robust performance, these lights are the perfect choice for enhancing outdoor spaces.

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