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AED signifies first aid equipment, respect for life, and assistance to others. By checking the devices from Mindray, the leading provider of AEDs for schools, let’s discuss the significance of AEDs for first aid.

Features of Mindray’s school AEDs

Unlike conventional defibrillators, Mindray’s AEDs may be used without the assistance of a medical practitioner. Instead, Mindray establishes a highly automated first aid procedure for AED for schools and provides a detailed and vivid tutorial to guide the first aider in performing first aid, taking into account the application scenario of an AED in a crowded school where the rescuer may lack professional medical knowledge.

It examines the patient’s physical status automatically. Next, it determines whether to execute electroshock defibrillation, so the user does not need to worry about causing secondary harm to the patient by using the AED.

The technology is very sophisticated and will only give a shock if all defibrillation requirements are satisfied.


Simplicity and ease of comprehension are also stated requirements for the AED. During defibrillation, the AED clearly instructs the user to do each step through voice and display.

First responders and onlookers must maintain a safe distance from the patient during defibrillation to avoid electrocution of the equipment.

Please visit the official Mindray website for more information on their high-quality AED supplies!

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