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Make Life Easier with the Multipurpose BN-LINK Timer

Your everyday duties will be simplified and more efficient with the BN-LINK Timer. This timer reinvents life optimization with its many applications, easy setup, and intuitive usage. Explore the BN-LINK Timer’s versatility and ease.

Automate Your Home Appliances for Maximum Convenience

With the BN-LINK Timer, controlling your home appliances has never been easier. Whether it’s humidifiers, ventilation fans, or pumps, the timer allows you to automate these devices using its repeat cycle and on/off functionality. Set the desired intervals, and let the timer handle the rest. Experience the benefits of optimized performance, energy efficiency, and hassle-free operation.

Enhance Security and Create Ambiance with Lighting Control

The BN-LINK Timer offers seamless control over your lighting systems. Beyond mere functionality, the timer can enhance security by creating the illusion of occupancy when you’re away. Set the timer to turn lights on and off at specific intervals, giving the impression that someone is home. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of scheduled lighting for a cozy ambiance or energy-saving purposes.

Effortlessly Manage Your Garden and Outdoor Equipment

Gardening and outdoor maintenance become effortless with the BN-LINK Timer. Whether it’s garden watering systems, outdoor lighting, or pool pumps, the timer allows you to schedule these activities with ease. Set the timer to activate and deactivate your equipment at specific times, ensuring optimal care for your plants and convenient maintenance for your outdoor spaces.

User-Friendly Set-Up and Intuitive Operation

Setup is simple for the BN-LINK Timer. You can easily customize the timer. To make dials and controls easy to use, they’re simple. Switching between Day Only, Night Only, and 24 Hours is simple.


The BN-LINK Timer is a versatile companion that brings convenience and efficiency to your daily routines. From automating home appliances to controlling lighting systems and managing outdoor equipment, this timer offers endless possibilities. With its user-friendly set-up and intuitive operation, simplifying your life has never been easier. Embrace the versatility of the BN-LINK Timer and unlock a new level of convenience today.

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