Recommended Saftty ST01 And ST06 Series For Your Fans

Fans are commonly used in many industrial companies and households. However, due to their constant operation, fans are also often exposed to significant amounts of heat or temperature, which can cause potential damage and fire. Therefore, it is highly recommended to use a Saftty thermal protector to protect the blower from overheating and ensure optimum performance. This article will discuss the two most common thermal switch models used in fans.

Saftty ST01 Series Thermal Protector

Having a strong over-temperature sensitivity, the ST01 series thermal protection. It can recognize overheating when the machine’s ambient temperature rises to 60 to 180°C. It is frequently used to shield electrical machinery from heat, such as transformers, fans, and motors, among its many purposes.

The sensing and control component of it is a bimetal disc. It can sustain up to 50 kg of coil-forming pressure and includes a metal case that serves as a heat sink. It features a thermal cut-off switch that can be reset and is tiny, light, and simple to construct. Prevent the equipment from overheating, burning, and deforming, and increase the equipment’s lifespan.

Saftty ST06 Series Thermal Protector

Pumps, fans, motors, reactors, and other electrical equipment can all use thermal protectors from the ST06 series. It is a compact, square gadget that is typically tiny enough to fit inside a coil. Its metal shell can endure up to 50 kg of coil-forming pressure.

This product has no current thermal effect and only responds to temperature changes. It enables the equipment to be protected from overheating by allowing the control system to respond at a particular temperature. This thermal protector has a usual operating temperature range of 60 to 200 °C. High temperature resistance, good stability, and light weight.


Both the Saftty ST01 and ST06 series are good thermal protectors. You don’t have to worry about the fan suffering from burning or any damaged components. Both products have a proven track record for thermal protection and industrial applications.

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