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COVID-19 Stay Healthy Lockdown Situation

The name of the terrible terror of 2020 is Coronavirus. The first thing that comes to mind in this situation is how we can stay healthy in this lockdown situation. Corona is a virus that doctors and scientists have not been able to discover even after 2 years of treatment.

 The whole world is helpless against this virus today. The whole world is crying today. There is no proper treatment. Millions of people are infected with this virus every day. Thousands are dying. 

A terrible situation is going on all over the world. In such a situation we are not only physically upset but also mentally upset. 

Corona’s panic and being trapped in the house, we are becoming physically and mentally ill. We are losing the normal pace of life. The joy of working. All routines of healthy living. Let’s share with you today how to stay healthy in this situation.

Trying to stay busy

In this corona situation, we are almost all prisoners at home. So we can become mentally ill while being a prisoner at home. And so we can be as busy as possible to keep ourselves healthy and fit in this situation. 

For example – I can do various household chores. I can help others with household chores. And can plant different types of trees. 

I can take care of all those trees. That way we can keep ourselves busy at home. By doing this we can stay healthy mentally and physically.

Getting enough sleep

Adequate sleep is another great way to keep the mind and body healthy. Adequate sleep keeps our brain cool. By doing this we can stay away from various thoughts. Adequate sleep will stay healthy even if we are confined at home. 

A healthy person should get at least 7-8 hours of sleep. So one of the best ways to keep yourself healthy is to get enough sleep.

Keep in touch with family and friends

The current Corona situation has increased so much that we are being forced to stay at home. Our distance with relatives, friends and acquaintances has increased. And this makes us more likely to get sick. 

And so we have to keep in touch with everyone to keep ourselves healthy and normal. Even if we don’t meet everyone, we can keep in touch through phone.

We can find out about everyone. We can talk more. In this way we can stay healthy even if we are trapped at home.

Stay physically active

In the current Corona situation, we are getting sick from being a prisoner at home. I can do different kinds of work even if I am at home. 

We can exercise at a regular time. And there is no substitute for exercise to keep a human body healthy. So we should exercise every day.

Eating healthy food

In Corona situations we should pay special attention to food. Because healthy food increases our body’s resistance to disease. 

Immunity to the virus is less likely to attack. And if we increase our immunity, even if our virus attacks, there is a possibility of getting well soon.

 So if we want to stay healthy in this epidemic situation, we must eat healthy food.

Taking care of mental health

The Corona situation has suddenly changed the lives of all of us. The normal life of all of us has suddenly been disrupted. We are all disconnected from normal life. And so in order to stay healthy in this situation we should pay special attention to mental health. 

We should stay away from worries. One should think correctly and well. One should always think well in the cold head. Communication and good relations should be maintained with everyone. And only by doing these mentally can we stay healthy.

Follow a routine

We are all helpless in this current corona situation. The normal life of every human being has been disrupted. All the people of the world have become housebound. And in this situation we should not get sick. 

For that we should follow a routine. Every human being should follow a routine. 

For example, continuing the normal activities of the day. Eating properly. Get enough sleep. Exercising. Cycling. Jogging. Nothing falls into a routine. If we follow a routine, we can stay healthy and fit even in this lockdown.

Last Thought 

In such an epidemic situation in the world, we should all follow some rules and regulations. So that we can have a healthy and beautiful life. 

So that we can physically and mentally stay healthy even in this lockdown situation. 

If we follow the tips mentioned above and follow them. But we can stay healthy and normal even in this lockdown situation.

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