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Sungrow’s SG4950HV-MV: The Central Inverter Solution for High-Yield PV Systems

When it comes to maximizing the yield of your PV system, Sungrow‘s SG4950HV-MV central inverter stands out. Designed with advanced three-level technology and boasting a maximum inverter efficiency of 99%, Sungrow ensures optimal energy conversion. Even in high-temperature conditions of up to 50 ℃, the effective cooling system allows for full power operation. For those seeking enhanced energy storage capabilities, the SG4950HV-MV offers the option of BESS DC coupling.

Smart O&M: Monitoring and Maintenance Made Easy

Sungrow’s SG4950HV-MV central inverter takes monitoring and maintenance to the next level with its intelligent features. Integrated zone monitoring and MV parameters monitoring enable online analysis and troubleshooting, ensuring the efficient operation of your PV system. The modular design simplifies maintenance tasks, making it a breeze to keep your system in top shape. Additionally, the convenient external touch screen provides easy access to essential system information and controls.

Cost-Effective Solution: Transportation, Installation, and System Design

Saving money is always a priority, and the SG4950HV-MV central inverter from Sungrow is designed with cost-effectiveness in mind. Its 40-foot container design reduces transportation and installation costs, making it an economical choice for your PV system. With a DC 1500V system, you can benefit from a lower overall system cost. The integrated MV transformer, switchgear, and LV auxiliary power supply further streamline your system design, reducing additional expenses. To optimize power management during nighttime operation, the optional Q at night function is available.

Grid Support and Compliance: Reliable and Compliant Operation

Reliability and compliance are crucial factors for any PV system, and Sungrow’s SG4950HV-MV central inverter excels in both areas. Complying with international standards such as IEC 62271-202, IEC 62271-200, and IEC 60076, this central inverter ensures reliable and compliant operation. With low/high voltage ride-through (L/HVRT) capabilities, it guarantees stable operation even during grid disturbances. Take advantage of precise control over active and reactive power, as well as power ramp rate control, to ensure the smooth operation of your PV system.


In conclusion, Sungrow’s SG4950HV-MV central inverter is the go-to solution for high-yield PV systems. With advanced technology, high efficiency, and effective cooling, it maximizes the energy yield of your PV system even in challenging conditions. The intelligent monitoring and maintenance features, along with the modular design, simplify operation and upkeep. Enjoy the cost-effectiveness of the SG4950HV-MV with its streamlined transportation, installation, and system design. Rest assured, this central inverter provides reliable grid support and compliance, ensuring the reliable and compliant operation of your PV system.

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