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Unleash the Brilliance: Light Sky’s Mamba – A Multi-Function Par Light Solution

Introducing the Mamba by Light Sky – an adaptable and high-performance multi function par light designed to enhance lighting effects in entertainment, TV, and event environments. With its exceptional optical design and a zoom range spanning from 3.6° to 53°, this RGB linear LED light bar fills spaces with vivid colors and a wide array of effects. Let’s delve into the impressive features and capabilities of Light Sky’s multi function par light-Mamba par light and uncover how it can elevate your lighting endeavors.

Powerful Illumination

The Mamba par light boasts 12*40W LED chips RGBW 4 in 1 (with the RGBL option), delivering a powerful and vibrant lighting experience. With a wide zoom range of 3.6° to 53°, you have precise control over the spread of light, allowing you to create focused beams or wide washes of color. Whether you need to illuminate a small area with sharp intensity or cover a larger space with broad color washes, the Mamba delivers exceptional lighting performance.

Dynamic Lighting Effects

Light Sky’s Mamba series linear LED light bars are designed to create captivating lighting effects. With a luminance of 18460 lux at 5m (RGBW) and 13000 lux at 5m (RGBL), these par lights offer impressive brightness and coverage. The uniform RGBL color mixing and rainbow lighting effects allow you to create mesmerizing light displays that enhance the ambiance and visual impact of your space.

Flexible Control Options

Light Sky’s Mamba par light provides flexible control options, allowing you to customize colors and effects to suit your creative vision. With individual control capabilities, you can vary the color and effect of each light independently, giving you precise control over your lighting design. The Mamba supports various control protocols, including DMX512, RDM, and ART-NET, enabling seamless integration into your existing lighting setup.


Light Sky’s Mamba par light offers a powerful and versatile lighting solution for entertainment, TV, and event applications. With its impressive features, including powerful LED chips, wide zoom range, dynamic lighting effects, and flexible control options, the Mamba empowers you to create captivating lighting displays that enhance any space. Embrace the brilliance of Light Sky’s Mamba and elevate your lighting design to new heights of creativity and impact.

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