What is Asian Handicap? Some of the most popular Asian handicaps in 2024

Asian Handicap Often used in bookmakers’ odds tables in important sports matches, both domestically and internationally. Let’s New88 Learn about this attractive form of soccer betting through the article below.
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Learn about what is Asian handicap?

For professional soccer players, the term Asian handicap no longer a stranger. In addition, handicap, Handicap or over/under are just other names for this form of betting. To make accurate betting decisions, players need to carefully and basely analyze the difference in ability and performance of the two teams.

Compared to other forms of soccer betting, Asian handicap Highly appreciated for winning rate and easy to close good bets. Players need to rely on the situation in the match and the fluctuations of the odds to choose the appropriate form of betting.

Some of the most popular Asian handicaps today

Currently, in football matches broadcast live in large and small stadiums, the interest of fans is huge. To meet this need, the house will offer a suitable odds table. Asian Handicap is a choice loved and trusted by many betting players, it is…

Football betting – a great form of soccer betting

0 bet, draw bet or handicap bet are all terms used to refer to one type Asian handicap. This form of soccer betting is only applied when the bookmaker’s experts believe that the two competing teams have equivalent strength and playing ability. There are three situations that can happen when a player bets on the favorite team:

  • If the upper team wins after the match ends, you will receive the winning amount according to the rate specified by each bookmaker.
  • In case the favorite team loses at the end of the match time, the player will lose the entire initial bet amount.
  • If the match ends in a draw, meaning no team wins clearly, the player will receive a refund of their initial investment.

Asian handicap bets the ball in half

This way of betting on football is also known as 1/4 handicap or 0.25 handicap by betting participants. When you put money on the top team Asian handicap, the following cases may occur:

  • The match ends with the victory of the upper team, the player will receive the corresponding bonus amount according to the odds given by the house.
  • If the match ends after regular time and overtime, and the score favors the underdog, it means you will lose the entire amount you originally bet.
  • If the confrontation ends in a draw, the player will lose all previously invested capital.

The half-left handicap is extremely interesting

This match is predicted by experts and bookmakers that the strong team will give the weak team 0.5 points. This form of betting has only two results: win or lose, there is no tie. If you bet on a strong team, there are two possible situations:
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  • The strong team wins with a score difference of 1 goal or more, you will win the bet and receive the previously announced bonus rate.
  • If the weak team wins against the strong team at the end of the match, you will lose the entire amount you bet.
  • If the final score is a draw, the player will be considered a loser in this case.

Handicap 0.75 is also known as ¾ handicap

This is a typeAsian handicap betting Many players are interested in and participate in matches on large and small fields today. The results of betting on the favorite team will depend on the following 3 cases:

  • If the upper team leads with 2 goals at the end of the match, the player will receive the corresponding bonus.
  • In case the goal difference is only 1 goal in favor of the favorite team, the player will only receive half of the original bet back.
  • Finally, if the favorite team loses, the player will lose the entire initial bet amount.

Asian Handicap with a handicap of 1 goal is extremely attractive

Similar to other forms of soccer betting, Asian handicap There are also 3 cases that happen when you bet on the favorite team:

  • If the match ends in a draw, you will lose half of your original bet.
  • If the upper team wins with a gap of 1 goal or more, your original bet amount will be refunded.
  • At the end of the match time, if the goal difference of the favorite team is greater than or equal to 2, you will win the bet and receive the full amount back.

Note: The above situations also apply to betting on the underdog team.

Revealing the secret to closing delicious Asian handicaps

To ensure that the money you invest in soccer betting always brings profits, please refer to some closing techniques. Asian handicap Extremely effective below.

It is necessary to find out the data related to the clash being monitored

To understand better, this is the process by which bettors need to collect information about the football match they are interested in. These data will be the basis for them to make decisions and choicesAsian odds. Therefore, before each match, you need to carefully learn about basic factors such as the players’ scoring ability, the team’s performance, the list of players on the field, and the confrontation history between the two teams. .

Currently, to get complete and accurate information, you can search on reputable websites that specialize in providing content related to football and sports. This will help bettors make more accurate betting decisions.

Understand clearly how to read odds

To be able to bet successfully on the Asian handicap attractive, you first need to clearly understand how to read the odds and rates offered, to avoid being influenced by psychology. In addition, players should also calculate the total handicap of the weak team before deciding to follow the odds.

Be careful when you see the odds fluctuate

When the bookmaker announces the odds, it is not always the case Asian handicap also remains unchanged until the match ends. In particular, during the period 2 to 3 days before the match, the odds may be changed by the house. This situation could be a ploy to scam new and inexperienced players.

You should only close Asian handicaps in major arenas

This will help players increase their chances of winning and placing bets according to Asian odds Fit. In important matches, there are few external factors that affect the results. Therefore, join soccer betting to satisfy your passion in major tournaments such as Premier League, Serie A, Laliga, World Cup,…


Above is an article by New88, sharing extremely useful tips for closing Asian handicap matches. This is necessary information that players should refer to to accumulate basic knowledge. From there, you can create your own strategies and tips to stay ahead in soccer betting matches.

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