What to avoid when using poultry lights

When you’re out at the farm, it can be easy to get carried away and start using poultry lights. These bright lights are often used to help poultry keep track of their surroundings, but they can have unintended consequences. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common mistakes people make when using poultry lights and what to do about them. From avoiding light pollution to making sure your light fixtures are safe, read on to learn more about what to avoid when using poultry lights.

Understanding How Poultry Lights Work

There are a few things to avoid when using poultry lights, including using blue light. Blue light is bad for poultry because it messes with their circadian rhythm, which is the body’s natural sleep and wake cycle.

Another thing to avoid is using the wrong wattage of light. You want to use a low-wattage light if you’re only going to be using it for short periods of time, and a higher wattage if you’re going to be using it for longer periods of time.

When to Avoid Using Poultry Lights

There are a few things to keep in mind when using poultry lights. First, avoid using them near water or during wet weather. This will cause the lights to malfunction and may even lead to injury. Second, do not use poultry lights near animals that are not intended to see them. This could lead to anxiety or fear in the animals and ultimately affect their health and production. Finally, be careful when moving the lights around as they can be delicate and easily break.


When it comes to poultry lights, there are a few things you should avoid in order to keep your animals safe and productive. For example, don’t use red light when raising pullets or chicks because this wavelength causes poultry to become agitated and fight each other. Likewise, do not use blue light during the daytime hours as this can suppress the production of melatonin, which is essential for a healthy night’s sleep. Be sure to consult with your poultry veterinarian about specific lighting recommendations for your flock. If you still don’t know what to look out for, you can ask the consultants in Hontech-wins. They’ll be sure to educate you on the subject and help you find the perfect poultry lights.

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