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Why You Should Always Use a VPN on Your Devices

Virtual Private Network, also called VPN is something we all should have on our smartphones. In these times of increasing cybercrimes, a VPN not only saves you from cybersecurity threats but also adds convenience to your life. A VPN’s software protects your information and activity on the web by masking your phone’s IP address. It encrypts your data and routes it through a faraway country’s networks or servers. Mostly these countries or states are the ones with the most flexible cyber laws.

So, using a VPN is never a problem because of those laws. A VPN is very beneficial when it comes to traveling, using public WiFi networks, transmitting sensitive information, or accessing restricted sites. You can access websites and content on Netflix, or other streaming services that may be restricted due to the area or country you live in.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best uses of a VPN, and how it saves you from cybersecurity threats, adds convenience, and allows you to enjoy unlimited entertainment. So, if the name VPN intimidates you, read on and find out all the good things about it.


One of the best things about a VPN is that it keeps your identity completely anonymous on the web. Whether you access a website that is restricted in your country, or if you are simply streaming content using a VPN, your identity always stays hidden.

Mostly, third-party websites have hackers and cybercriminals waiting to hack your smartphones and get their hands on your credentials. When making a transaction or even putting in credentials on a website that seems fishy, always keep a VPN on. Having a VPN on will save your identity and your sensitive information from being stolen.

Security on Public WiFi Networks

Public networks are hubs for cybersecurity breaches and you never know what simply scrolling your smartphone in the coffee shop might cost you. Hackers are always looking for vulnerable devices on public networks to hack into and you never know who might be tracking your activity.

Why these networks are harmful to your devices because they don’t have any kind of security on them, and you never know how many cyber criminals may be using the same network. So, if you are ever connected to a similar network, we would suggest always keeping your VPN on. Using a VPN will save you by protecting your data while on a strange network. It hides your banking information, browsing history, account passwords, and any other form of sensitive data from hackers.

Data Privacy from Your Internet Service Provider

While your in-home WiFi is completely secure, it is highly unlikely to sustain any harm from outside sources. However, your data is still at risk and never completely safe. Besides being reckless with your data, another way in which your data can be accessed is by your internet service provider. Whichever, internet service you use can access your data and can see where, when, and how you browse.

While it is not allowed to do so, these ISPs can sell your data to advertisers or even worse – on the dark web. Even if you use the safe browsing feature, you can never be completely sure, and having your data in the wrong can cause a lot of inconveniences. In this case, it is best to always keep your VPN on because it keeps your activity as well as your IP address private even from your own internet service provider.

Well, keeping that aside, if you are looking for a reliable internet service, there are several internet service providers in the US, known for their reliability. One such ISP is Hughesnet. If you visit their privacy policy, it states clearly that they do not use cookies to track your activity, and other forms of data are also handled cautiously.

Besides, Hughesnet Internet is a great satellite internet option that comes with premium advanced security solutions such as SafeCam, Cloud Backup, real-time threat protection, Dark Web monitoring, and much more. So, if safety is your concern, we think Hughesnet is one of the best solutions for you.

Data Privacy from the Services and Apps You Use

Coming back to the point, there is another liability that you may have on your device. Many apps and services that we actively use have been using our data fraudulently. One of the most renowned apps on the internet is Facebook. Facebook has been called out for the way it has used the data of its users.

A VPN in this case is the best thing to use as it prevents these apps and services from using your data and limits the collection of your browser history and location.

Access to Any Kind of Content at Any Location

Well, moving to the entertainment part, the best part about having a VPN is that you can access all kinds of content on Hulu, Netflix, and other streaming services. For instance, if a certain show is not available on Netflix USA, you can always turn on your VPN, change location and then access many more shows and movies. All you need to do is have a VPN with multiple location options and you are good to go.

In Conclusion

Well, be it privacy, security, or entertainment a VPN is super-secure and convenient. Keeping the entertainment aspect aside, cybersecurity these days is crucial as we all have some sort of sensitive data on the web. Be it our credit card information, credentials for our socials, or anything else, a VPN protects it. So, get a VPN for your devices and make your presence on the web completely secure.

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