How to play Dragon Tiger What is that ? Some attractive playing tips from experts

How to play Dragon Tiger? is the most asked question these days. Dragon Tiger is a game of Chinese origin and has just entered the Vietnamese market in recent years. Let’s learn about it with Trang chủ Hi88!

General information about what dragon tiger is

What is Dragon Tiger? Known as the “Tiger Game”, Dragon Tiger originates from China and is an extremely fun and exciting game.

In this game, the player plays against the dealer and bets on two hands called “Dragon” and “Tiger”. The player’s goal is to predict which hand will have a higher value or bet on a draw. To win, players need to understand clearlyHow to play Dragon Tiger to increase your win rate.

Instructions on how to play Dragon Tiger for new players

After learning the detailed concept of dragon lake, let’s learn about how to play dragon tiger! It can be said that Dragon Tiger is a simple game, you just need to bet on Dragon or Tiger or Draw.

  • In this game, the deck of cards is arranged from A to K in order.
  • The dealer will deal two cards, one for the Dragon and one for the Tiger.

You have three options: bet on Dragon if you think the Dragon hand has higher value, bet on Tiger if you think Tiger hand has higher value, or bet on Tie if you think the two cards have value equal.

The payouts are also different: if you bet on Dragon or Tiger and win, you get double your money; If you bet on Draw and win, you will receive money at a rate of 1:8.

However, if you bet on Dragon or Tiger but the result is a Draw, you will only lose half of your bet.

Some ways to play Dragon Tiger from experts when playing Dragon Tiger

Is there any way to play Dragon Tiger that many experts use? Playing Dragon Tiger online requires you to be agile and experienced. Understanding that, Hi100 will introduce some playing experiences from experts to everyone

Divide the bet amount into small portions to remove capital and win less

With the attraction of Dragon Tiger game, you can easily “burn out” in just a moment. Therefore, when participating in this game, bet a small amount of money each game. Consider betting the minimum amount set by the house for a better experience.

This bet can range from 20K to 50K, depending on the bookmaker you join. However, do not bet too large an amount or double your losses in the traditional way.

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How to play dragon and tiger easily win with the K piece

The K card in the game Dragon Tiger is considered the card with the highest value. When this K card appears, it represents a great opportunity to win and make profits.

According to statistics, the rate of changing the demand when a K card appears is very high, up to 85%. This means that if the K card is present on one side, the possibility that the other side will be the winner in the next game is very high.

For example, if the K card appears in the Dragon bet, you can confidently bet on the Tiger bet in the next game.

Carefully follow the history of previous games

Carefully follow the history of previous games to find betting lines. For example, if the Tiger is winning continuously, then you should bet on the Tiger because perhaps this is the winning line that day.

In addition to observing betting history, pay attention to the betting results of other doors. When a betting line is interrupted, find out which side the line was leaning towards. This will help you make the right decision about placing a new bet.

You should eliminate the possibility of a draw when betting

It can be seen that the draw in the Dragon Tiger game is an example. Its odds of winning are around 1:8. Or it can be said that there is only one draw bet after about 10 – 20 games.

Choose a quality and safe bookmaker

In today’s market, there are many online bookmakers that are developing and have developed. If you are not careful, you may fall into the trap of fake or unlicensed bookmakers.

So please choose a reputable bookmaker to play Dragon Tiger! Hi100 is a perfect choice for you.

Some notes when applying use Ways to play Dragon Tiger above

First, learn about analytical charts and watch for patterns that appear in the game. This helps you recognize trends and make the right decisions when placing bets.

Play as an active hand, don’t just bet on the Dragon or Tiger hand, but try to bet on the hand that you think is the strongest in the current game. Acumen and the ability to analyze situations will help you achieve success.

Betting management is also an important factor. Determine a reasonable bet management method and stick to it. Remember to set a budget and don’t exceed your limits.

Using optimal strategy is one way to increase your chances of winning. Martingale or Fibonacci are popular strategies, but remember that neither strategy guarantees absolute success. Play cautiously and adjust your strategy according to the situation.

Below is information aboutHow to play Dragon Tiger that we want to share with everyone. Don’t hesitate to explore and experience fun and relaxing moments with this game on the Hi100 platform today!

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