Learn about cockfighting tricks on the market

Cheating cockfighting This is one of the painful realities that cockfighting players are afraid of in the market today. To be able to avoid them, players need to clearly understand the cockfighting tricks they often use. Therefore, don’t miss the game blog article below from 6789BET!

What is cockfighting medicine?

These are drugs that make chickens that are hit unable to continue fighting. Their physical strength will gradually decrease, causing attack speed and attack resistance to decrease as well. From then on, the chicken ran away or was defeated by lying still without fighting or almost died.

It’s not just the opponent’s cocks that are susceptible to trick cock drugs. There are cases where even the owner’s own chickens apply this method. It is not too difficult to understand that these chicken owners have bet quite a lot of money on their opponent’s chickens. If your chicken loses, it means the opponent’s chicken wins and just has to pick rice. This situation is not too rare but happens a lot in cockfighting cages. Even famous cockfighting arenas like the C1 Thai Binh cockfighting arena sometimes have such news.

Tricks for using fake drugs

If you are not a professional or experienced person, it is very difficult to recognize. Because they did it so quickly and skillfully, they left almost no clues. This situation often occurs in large cockfighting rings, but grass cockfighting rings and country festivals sometimes still get it, guys.

With their quick hands and quick eyes, super tricksters at cockfighting rings will often apply the following methods.

Flick off

This quick and decisive movement will not be known if you don’t pay close attention. They will prepare the medicinecockfighting trick as small as a grain of rice, white rice grain. During breaks between pools, they will flick out in front of the relaxing chickens. At that time, on the brown ground, there suddenly appeared a grain as white as a grain of rice and the chickens saw it pecking at it, meaning they had been tricked.

Food and drink

Foods and drinks may also be spiked with small doses of chicken medicine so that they can slowly absorb. Therefore, when going to cockfighting, we often go with a team to monitor these actions. They also prepared water and cold rice for their cocks. If you use it at a temple or find it somewhere that doesn’t belong to you, the possibility of being exposed to drugs is quite high.

Soak in chicken skin

In chicken fights, almost only the person holding the chicken can handle the chicken regularly. If you are not in the team, a team or an acquaintance, it is best not to let a stranger hold it or someone who is not responsible for holding it.

Cockfighting drugs soaked in towels will penetrate the cock’s skin or the head, face, or nose when cleaning. From then on, the drug gradually becomes more and more absorbed and the chicken’s physical strength becomes less likely to die.


It’s better to use needles and injections. They are laced with substances that reduce the chicken’s ability to fight. Very quickly they are pricked and injected into the designated chicken. The execution time is probably only about 1-2 seconds so it is very difficult to detect.

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What types of chicken medicine are there?

Below are some of the most commonly used medications. Do you know anyone who plays chicken? If you’re more advanced, you can go to cockfighting cages in Cambodia, Thailand… There’s no such thing as drugs here.


The most common are anesthetics as they cause fighting cocks to slowly weaken. Losing the ability to control the limbs and thereby allowing the opponent’s cock to press and fight back. It’s not strange that there are chickens that dominate from start to finish, but when they get to the next lake, they are weak, have no strength, and let the opponent’s chickens beat them to pieces and even run away screaming. It may be because the chicken has been exposed to chicken medicine and only then will it take effect.

With anesthetics, injections are often used, or using wipes to wipe the face and nose through the airway into the body. This type is very difficult to identify because they are odorless and colorless.

Rat poison

More toxic is rat poison. They are soaked in rice and rice and use the flicking method to make the chicken stick. With a quick flicking motion, the chicken is stuck. This method is more toxic and can harm chickens by causing death, disability, and organ damage. There are many cases of chickens being poisoned and having neurological problems, but people who don’t know it just say they got spurs stuck in their heads.

Are stimulant drugs a hoax?

Drugs that stimulate chicken physical strength are not classified as hoax drugs. They are simply legal to use both during and before and after the game. But most breeders use it before the match to ensure both confidentiality and safety. When any problem occurs, the other party will not use it to cause trouble or not pay. These drugs can be mentioned as pharmaton for chickens, some stimulants such as kyan xa, apricot apricot, etc.


Cheated cockfighting takes place quickly with sophisticated moves and potions that are difficult to detect, so players need to be very careful. In addition, we should play cockfighting in a fair and civilized way to easily place bets.

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