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Reliable Plastic Extrusions Supplier: Haohua Machine’s Commitment to Quality

Haohua Machine is a trusted plastic extrusions supplier, dedicated to providing high-quality equipment and solutions for PVC pipe production lines. With a proven track record of customer satisfaction, they have successfully collaborated with customers in Indonesia, enabling stable production and expanding their operations by opening a new factory. They take pride in Their commitment to quality and continuous improvement, ensuring that Their customers receive reliable and efficient equipment.

High-Quality Equipment for PVC Pipe Production Lines

Haohua Machine offers a wide range of high-quality equipment designed specifically for PVC pipe production lines. From extruders to cutting and finishing equipment, they provide reliable solutions that meet the demands of the industry.

Continuous Expansion and Customer Visits

As a testament to their success, Haohua Machine recently expanded operations and opened a new factory. This expansion has allowed us to better serve their customers and meet the growing demand forĀ  TheirĀ  products. Furthermore, they were honored to receive visits from local customers in Indonesia, showcasing their trust and satisfaction with their equipment and services.


Haohua Machine stands as a reliable plastic extrusions supplier, committed to delivering high-quality equipment for PVC pipe production lines. Their successful collaborations with customers in Indonesia, as well as their recent factory expansion, demonstrate their dedication to customer satisfaction and continuous growth. Experience the reliability and efficiency of Haohua Machine’s equipment and elevate your PVC pipe production line.

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