Everything you need to know about Domino QQ for newbies

Domino is an intellectual game that is very familiar to Vietnamese people, especially to experienced gamblers. Domino QQ is a variation of the traditional Domino to create new betting sensations that are emerging in the online betting industry. Here is everything you need to know about Domino QQ for new players.

What is Domino QQ?

Domino QQ is a cool combination of Domino and the card game Poker. This game has a unique and unique impression, making many people curious to try it. And in each game, there is only one winner.

Because it is a mind game, players must always be very alert and strain their brains to come up with reasonable and logical betting plans to have a chance of winning. Similar to regular Poker.

Domino QQ in some places is also organized as Poker tournaments.

How to play Domino QQ online in detail

For new players, below is the basic way to play Domino QQ online. Let’s Nhà Cái Hi88 Learn the rules and how to calculate points clearly before embarking on this top mind-matching betting game.

How to play Domino QQ

Each room/table must have at least 6 players. When the game starts, each player will be dealt 3 domino cards and raise their first bet.

After the end of the 1st round of betting, the player will be dealt the 4th domino card and bet in the 2nd round. After the 2nd round of betting is completed, the player who has not folded will open their cards and compare scores. The player with the highest score combination will win. And all bets go to the winner.

When playing Domino QQ online, the system will automatically arrange the cards for you. Each hand will hold 2 domino cards. Arrange the cards in the left hand so that the total score is greater than the right hand.

You will compare scores on the left, whoever has the higher score wins. In case two players have the same score, continue comparing to the right. If the number of points in the right hand is the same, then whoever has the highest card wins the game.

How to calculate Domino QQ points

A domino set will include 28 domino cards, each card is divided into upper and lower parts with a certain number of buttons. The total number of buttons is equivalent to the player’s total score.

For cards with a total number of buttons above 10 such as 11 and 12, only the numbers in the units place will be taken. For example, if the upper and lower parts are both 6, the total will be 12. In this case, it will be counted as 2 points.

When the player is dealt all 4 cards, the system will automatically arrange the 2 cards with the highest total score on the left side, the remaining cards will be on the right side of the screen. After that, the card comparison process will proceed.

Specific examples:

Player A has 4 cards: 2 buttons, 4 buttons, 5 buttons and 9 buttons. The system will group pairs 5 and 9 to the left, 2 and 4 will be on the right. Compare the cards on the left first. Whoever has the higher total card score wins.

Player A has a pair of 5 and 9 on his left. The total score is 4 and player B also has a total score of 4. Then the following two card comparison cases will be deduced:

Case 1, the right pair of the two sides is different. Player A has a pair of 2, 4 on the right with a total score of 6. Player B has a pair of 6, 6 with a total score of 2. Then, player A wins.

Case 2, both players have the same total score of the right pair. At this time, whoever owns the highest card wins.

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Special card combination

In the Domino game rules, there are special cases of “inviolable” card combinations. If you own them, you win for sure, maybe without even having to fight, just like coming to white in Tien Tien card.

  • Rank 1: the divine “destroying” quartet of 6-6-6-6. When you have 4 domino cards, each with a value of 6, it turns white.
  • Rank 2: you will easily win when you own a pair of cards, the top and bottom cards have equal value.
  • Rank 3: small “natural” cards, meaning 4 cards combined have a total score of 9 or less.
  • Rank 4: “natural” big card, meaning the sum of the buttons is greater than or equal to 39.
  • Rank 5: Pair of 9 (Qiu Qiu – QQ) each pair on the left and right sides is equal to 9. In this case, there may be many people who own QQ.

Betting keys in the game

In Poker, there are buttons Fold (fold), Bet/Raise (raise more), Check/Call (check/raise further), All-in (bet all). In Domino QQ it is similar.

  • Test: this command button is used to test and calculate scores. Using this button, the bet will remain the same.
  • Follow: this button will bet according to the previous opponent, with an amount equal to the amount that the opponent bet.
  • Fold: if the cards are bad and the chance of winning is not high, then you fold and stop playing, which means you lose your bet in this game.
  • Increase bet: increase the bet to the level you want. Increase your bet if you are confident that you will win.
  • Bet all: you bet all your money in that game. If you win everything, if you fall, you go to nothing.

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Immutable experience when playing Domino QQ

The players Domino QQ After playing for a long time, I have learned for myself some vital experiences while playing this game. These experiences will help you reap big rewards, or at least preserve your capital.

Choose a trustworthy dealer

Currently, Vietnam has many different bookmakers. However, there are some bookmakers impersonating and defrauding the leading bookmakers in Vietnam. Therefore, to ensure the safety of your deposit or the money you earn, play Domino QQ at trustworthy bookmakers.

Some common scam bookmakers will have sketchy, difficult-to-use interfaces and complicated deposit methods. You should research reputable bookmakers in advance through online gaming communities to avoid losing money.

Control your money

Controlling your money is the first step. There are many players who bet unconditionally from the first games. If you win it’s okay, but if you lose it’s a bit painful.

Depending on the amount of capital you deposit, you can buy as many chips as you want before entering the table. Maximum limit is 20 thousand VND.

This is a mind game. Therefore, you must judge what the winning percentage is to place a reasonable bet. Veteran players sometimes roll the blind by increasing the bet so you can bet accordingly.

If you find the bet is not worth spending, it’s best to fold. Retain capital for the following games. Because, as time goes on, the minimum level will gradually increase.

Apply Poker card tricks

Because Domino QQ is a variation of Poker and Domino, you can completely apply the techniques when playing Poker. The difficult thing about playing online is that you cannot judge your opponent’s cards by looking at their emotions. So you need luck.

Fold at the right time, raise bets at the right time

If your hand is bad, you should definitely discard it because your chances of winning are very low. Use the money to play the following games and get back your lost bets.

According to experience from experts, if a card has less than 3 points, you should discard it to avoid wasting time and effort. If your card score is about 7.8 points, you can consider checking or calling.

On the contrary, a card score of 9 is great because you can win easily. At this time, increase your bet to get big bets.

When you have a good hand, do not increase your bet immediately because this will cause a stir and your opponent may fold immediately. Seize the opportunity, entice your opponents to raise so you can bet more.

Normally, during the playing process, many players who lose too much will be overwhelmed by emotions. They want to recover the previous lost bets. And in the following games, they bet even more, to win back quickly. But that is ineffective.

Be calm, focused and make judgments, set reasonable bets. Don’t be influenced when you lose a few matches in a row, because emotions greatly affect the process of playing Domino QQ.

You can take a deep and even breath, drink a glass of water, and calm down if the results are not as expected.

Practice with free plays

One important thing that every new player must do is practice with the free games that the house provides. Because this is the practice arena that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Playing practice games helps you better understand the rules of the game, find out tips that you realize during practice. Play freely, without restraint, without suspense, without worry.

You should get familiar with how to play with robots, feel winning and losing bets. From there, practice patience and a cool head for yourself. When you play for real, you will be less confused and less overwhelmed.

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Bookmaker Hi88 I just shared with you the things you need to know before playing Domino QQ. Playing Domino QQ not only earns more passive money but also trains patience, steadfastness, analytical ability and concentration.

Hopefully the above information will help you redeem more rewards, giving you the opportunity to get rich and change your life when playing Domino QQ.

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