God cardMacao – Explaining the success behind the hit series

In the late 20th century, Asian cinema witnessed the rise of the gambling film genre with a typical name – God of Cards.Macao. So why does this movie series have such an influence on popular culture? Readers are invited to look forward to the following analysis to get the answer New88 today.

God cardMacao – a monument to the world’s “god of cards” film genre

Despite many follow-up products, song the movie “God of CardsMacao” played by Chau Nhuan Phat in 1989 is still considered the most successful. Until now, the image of the character Cao Tien and his arrogant face at casinos has been deeply ingrained in the subconscious of many audiences.

Summary of the main content of the Than Card seriesMacao

A little summary of the movie’s content and God of cardsMacao revolves around the “conquest” of casinos by Cao Tien (played by Chau Nhuan Phat). Accompanying Cao Tien on that journey were many other players: Long Ngu, Tanaka and Cao Nghia.

The details in the movie include a series of situations bad Crying and laughing about Cao Tien cheating at casinos. The dialogues are extremely humorous, the card games are nerve-wracking, and a series of extreme action scenes period Eye-catching is what makes this movie famous.

Typical faces contribute to the success of the film chain

In the entire film directed by Vuong Tinh, there are many famous faces of the Hong film industryKong time an hour. Some notable characters in God of CardsMacao may be referred to as:

  • Main role (Cao Tien) – played by Chau Nhuan Phat.
  • Long Ngu (Cao Tien’s friend): Huong Hoa Cuong.
  • Roles of Dao and Tran (Dao’s girlfriend): Andy Lau – Vuong To Hien.
  • Role of Cao Nghia: actor Long Phuong.
  • Ngo Manh Dat: plays Mr. Thanh.

The reason for the success of Than cardMacao in many aspects

The name of the god of cardsMacao Until now, it is still repeated by many people. The image of card god Cao Tien is remembered by a large audience, especially during the seasons of “Tet to spring”, when the card playing movement becomes the strongest. So, what was the reason that led to the film’s unexpected success?

The “trendy” at the time of the film’s release

1989, the time the film was released was also the time when Hong cinema Kong Many of the best products appear. The films of Chow Tinh Tri, Chow Yun Fat or actor Jackie Chan have been deeply ingrained in the subconscious of Asian audiences, especially our Vietnamese people.

Audiences 8x and 9x certainly cannot forget the feeling of “laughing until tears” with comedies from Hong Kong.Kong. It must be said that this genre of cinema met the entertainment needs of people at that time, a genre of cinema that was not too academic.But Converging all the elements that the audience needs.

The film’s wide spread in popular culture followed

The topic of “card king” and “gambling tricks” is still extremely hot in popular culture today. Accompanying the development of casinos, movies with related themes are also remembered from there.

Especially with the explosion of social networking platforms, movies are also cut out the best scenes, creating “short clips”. God cardMacao is the most specific example, short videos about this movie often reach the top trends of many different entertainment platforms every spring.

The entertainment has not diminished over the years

As mentioned, the element that makes the card divineMacao becomes attractive and attractive precisely because of its entertainment properties. Over the years, regardless of whether later works have better graphics or visuals, people still remember the image of the “god of cards” Cao Tien with his action scenes that captivated the audience.fake only know how to hold your stomach and laugh.

“Amazing” performance by actor Chau Nhuan Phat

Mentioning the success of God of CardsMacao Not remembering Chau Nhuan Phat is truly a serious omission. People remember the movie not because of its content, but because of the actor’s extremely impressive and excellent performance until much later.

Later, for every work related to the theme of “god of cards”, Chau Nhuan Phat was automatically given as a benchmark. Not only because of the action scenes or dialogue, but also the charisma of the Hong actorKong This is what makes many audiences miss.

That convincing performance by Chow Yun Fat also nominated this actor for the title “Best Actor” of Hong Kong cinema.Kong. This is also a big step for him to develop his career in the following years.


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