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Download supports accessing websites blocked by network operators for free. In particular, for online entertainment playgrounds, this is considered an indispensable application. To better understand the download process, as well as app usage features, please join us Trang chủ Hi88 Follow and share in the following article.

Download safely bypasses the block

What is is understood as the name of the free domain name system changer software. This application was developed by Cloudflare company in the US and is now available in Vietnam, trusted and chosen by many people. Usually, the app is also known as WARP, which helps change DNS addresses and IP addresses for users accessing blocked websites easily.

This process will help you improve the efficiency of using the website, without worrying about any obstacles affecting it. However, to be able to apply it effectively you need to know how download about the device appropriately.

Learn about

Detailed instructions for downloading from A – Z for players

Although known for its great uses, it helps users experience blocked websites quickly. However, not everyone clearly understands the steps to download WARP correctly for themselves. To better understand and operate correctly, please follow the instructions below. Specifically:

Download for your phone is released with versions suitable for all popular operating systems such as: IOS and Android. You just need to follow the download steps as follows:

  • Step 1: Users go to App store or CH Play depending on their operating system. Then look for or WARP content.
  • Step 2: Select the software content that appears first and click download.
  • Step 3: Once the device has confirmed that the software was downloaded successfully. You just need to click to open the slider to surf the web.

Instructions on how to download for your computer

Likewise, process download for computer or laptop devices is also quite easy. Specifically:

  • Step 1: Search for or WAR application on Google.
  • Step 2: Select the download item at the link that appears first.
  • Step 3: After the application has been confirmed to be downloaded to your device, you just need to drag the slider as soon as you want to use it.

The download process of is easy

What are the outstanding features of

Not just a software that supports accessing popular blocking websites. After downloading WARP, users will also receive many useful features below. Specifically:
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Download to improve security and privacy

Known as a quality reverse proxy service, always upholding user privacy. During the software experience, you will not need to worry about the history recording status. Because the system does not store any user login or access information. In particular, the app also has the ability to protect users from network tracking.

High-speed web surfing entertainment

One of the outstanding advantages after download, that is the ability to access the page faster and smoother. The process of responding to all search results in just 14ms, this is an impressive number and even better than OpenDNS and Google DNS.

Free software, few ads

Because it is free software, many people mistakenly think that WARP will appear many ads. But in reality, has very few advertising programs appearing. So you will not feel uncomfortable or encounter too many difficulties when using it every day.

The app has many features

Some questions related to downloading

If you want to download WARP and use the software effectively, please take a look at some of the following questions. Specifically:

Is downloading to your computer dangerous?

Users can feel completely secure when choosing as the circumvention application. Because the system always emphasizes user privacy and information security. Therefore, there is absolutely no situation where the application sells data to third parties.

Is there a fee to download

The process of downloading the WARP application to your device is not as costly as many people mistakenly think. The appearance of some ads is only for the purpose of maintaining operations. In addition, Cloudflare does not record any data from visitors.

Above are some tips on how to do it download detail, Hi88 Hope readers will have useful information. Thanks to that, it makes the process of downloading the app easy and using the application effectively. From there, creating a smoother, more effective experience at the house website without having to worry about being blocked.

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