Instructions on how to calculate the most accurate Bach Thu for new recruits

How to calculate the standard white hand helps you win and win a huge amount of money, but not everyone knows how to calculate correctly. Understand that mentality of many people, especially newcomers Trang chủ New88 has compiled to share with you, to help you how to catch white card game correctly below.

Find out what Bach Thu is – how to calculate Bach Thu correctly

White card or white card number is a name that often appears in lottery, you will find and choose a single number. This way of playing has little capital and once you win, the profit is very high, so many people choose it. To win, you must accumulate experience and knowledge to choose beautiful numbers with the highest probability of winning.

When participating in playing card game, you only need a small amount of capital to play. If you have a strong mentality and an elite spirit, you will definitely win.

Advantages and disadvantages of playing the lottery

It is chosen by many people because Bach Thu possesses the following great advantages:

As mentioned, the white lottery is choosing a single number to bet on. Instead of betting on many numbers at the same time, losing a lot of capital, when playing the lottery you only bet on a single number. The reward for winning the lotto is very high, compared to winning the lottery or winning the lottery, it is much higher.

However, the white lottery also has some disadvantages: it is not for those who do not like to take risks. And if you are someone who is afraid of taking risks, you can choose to play multiple numbers at the same time and only apply when you have a lot of capital.

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How to calculate the correct number for beginners

How to calculate the lottery number is not complicated at all. If you understand how to calculate it, you will use it best when participating in playing the lottery:

How to calculate the white lottery number according to Thursday’s lottery

Used by many people and considered to be extremely effective, it is based on the topic on Thursday. The specific standard way to calculate Bach Thu is as follows:

  • Method one: Pay attention to which number is about Thursday, then proceed to raise the lottery and subtract one unit to raise for a week.
  • Method two: Or you take the results of the fifth day to proceed to raise the lottery or the last frame for 7 days. You can choose 4 lottery numbers to raise the touch frame most effectively.

This method is chosen by many lottery players because the bridge returns continuously so catching the bridge is very easy.

How to calculate the winning number according to the fourth special prize

Another standard way to calculate the winning numbers you can refer to is based on the fourth prize. For this method, you will take the middle number of the fourth prize result to make the first or last number and then raise it for 7 days.

Based on double lotteries to calculate the standard white hand

With this method of calculating Bach Thu, there will be three ways for you to choose from:

  • Method one: you will rely on the lottery signs to identify and choose the special prize results of the first 2 numbers or the last two numbers. If it is in the middle, it is likely that within the next seven days the couple will return.
  • Method two: If you find that method one is too difficult, you can choose this method which will be simpler. That is, you look at the result of the seventh prize and if two of the multiples appear, this will be a double sign that will return on the same day. next.
  • Method three: with this method, you will see that the first and last numbers are the same as the seventh prize. This is a sign that the pair is about to return.

Once you choose one of the three methods above, you should double feed the baby for three days, the probability of explosion will be higher. But besides that, you also have to divide your capital in the most reasonable way to avoid running out of capital. If you still don’t see the lot coming back within that three-day period, ignore it and proceed with raising another one.

The most accurate guide to predicting today’s lottery numbers

Once you know how to calculate the correct number of cards, you must also know how to predict the numbers most accurately. Below, we will summarize some prediction methods for your reference:

The method of predicting the winning canarium fruit

If you are a genuine lottery player, you are certainly familiar with this way of playing. Lottery prediction is chosen by many people and has a winning probability of up to 99%. To apply this method to lottery predictions, you must carefully observe the lottery results and then calculate the frequency to raise the lottery numbers.

Based on the special results of the first Monday of the week

Maybe many people don’t care about the results of the special prize on the first Monday of the week, but this is an effective method of raising white dice. If you are someone who likes to raise lots weekly, this will be the right choice for you. To apply, you take the results every Monday and add up the total results then enter Tuesday and Thursday.

There are many accurate ways to calculate Bach Thu. The above are popular and effective ways that we want to share with you. New88 good luck.

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