The Easiest Way to Play 9-Card Cards – Rules of Playing Cards

Mau Binh is currently a popular reward game on the market today, especially the 9-card version. Brothers who don’t know How to play 9-card card game then please refer right article below. Nha cai new88 will update details about the game rules and some effective betting tips.

A brief introduction to how to play the 9-card card game

Mau Binh is a popular game originating from China, people also call it by another name, Gray Binh Xap. This game is loved by most modern bettors because of its special gameplay and high artistic and entertaining nature. Normally people will use a deck of 52 cards and each participating player will be dealt 13 cards.

9-card card game is a new variation of the traditional game Mau Binh, this time each table will have the participation of 2 – 5 people. Everyone’s task will be to arrange 9 cards into 3 branches. As long as they are arranged into a unified whole and higher than the remaining opponents, they will win.

Detailed 9-card army rules

Those of you who are interested in the 9-card martial arts genre can follow itright Detailed game rules and some important terms are below.

How to play basic 9-card card game

Basically, playing 9-card card game is quite simple, each table involves 2 – 5 people. Each person will be dealt a total of 9 cards, in which the order from weak to strong of the cards is 2<3<4<5<6<7<8<9<10<J<Q<K<A (no quality review). Then, depending on the strategy, they will be arranged into 3 limbs so that the first limb must be stronger than the middle limb, and the middle limb must be stronger than the last limb. If the above mentioned limbs are not placed in the correct order, the gamer will be considered a loser.

Players will compare each limb with each other to find the winner and loser. Usually it will start from the first limb, go to the middle limb and finally the third limb. This process of comparing and reviewing points is quite nervous, stressful and has many unpredictable developments. There will be cases where you are considered a winner because you have a special set of limbs

Some important terms in how to play 9-card card game

Based on the arrangement of the cards, we will have different suits. You need to understand these basic terms to make it easier to play the 9-card Mau Binh game, specifically as follows:

  • Mau Bi: This is the set of branches with the lowest value, including odd trees that cannot be linked together.
  • Pair: Set of 2 identical cards.
  • Gray: Set of 3 identical cards.
  • Straight: The branch consists of pieces that form a consecutive row.
  • Box: The genus has leaves of the same suit.
  • Straight box: The cards in the suit are all of the same suit, forming a consecutive row.
  • Dragon Hall: Refers to all the cards that form a consecutive row.
  • Perforation: Condition in which the limbs are not arranged in the order of first limb > middle limb > last limb.
  • Collapse: Only the case where the player loses all 3 hands when compared.
  • Notice: If the player owns a special payout, the player may be counted as a win and receive money from the system without needing to compare the payouts.

Special case when playing 9-card Mau Binh

As mentioned in the section on how to play 9-card card game, everyone must compare each hand with each other to find the winner. However, there will be some cases where you will be told to win without having to compare anything, these are:
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  • Rolling Dragon: Possesses a set of 2 – A of the same suit (Ratio 1:24).
  • Dragon Hall: Possessing a set from 2 – A does not require the same suit (Ratio 1:12).
  • Five pairs of 1 gray: Own 1 gray and 5 pairs (Ratio 1:6).
  • Luc phe phon: Own 6 pairs and 1 odd card (Ratio 1:6).
  • Three barrels: Own 3 barrels in all 3 branches (Ratio 1:3).
  • Three halls: Possesses 3 halls in all 3 branches (Ratio 1:3).

How to play Mau Binh 9 cards effectively for new players

Those of you who want to conquer the 9-card version easily, please try some effective tips below.

  • You need to clearly understand how to play 9 card poker and important terms before deciding to bet.
  • Play a lot to practice the thinking of arranging 9-card cards into branches, thereby increasing your chances of winning up to 80%.
  • Note that you should stack the boxes in the first and last legs. The middle arm will now be called the player box if you own a box and a pair of great value.
  • Choose a reasonable betting table, especially new players should choose a low bet level to get familiar with the rules of the game.
  • You should stop betting promptly if you lose too many games during the day. You can learn more experience, find out where your mistakes are and come back to participate the next day.


Above we have mentioned how to play 9-card card game in detail and easy to understand for you. This is a new variation of the traditional 13-card version, bringing more novelty and higher winning rates. Get instant access new88 Let’s play this hot hit game today.

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